Definition:  A centre for investigation and diagnosis of medical disorders where ionizing radiation may also be used.


PART A: Scope of Services (at least 2 of the following):

  • Medical Laboratory
  • Ultra Sound Scan Centre
  • X-Ray Centre

PART B: Minimum Facilities

In addition to the private medical laboratory requirements other minimum facilities required are:

  • Ultra Sound Scan Room of 4 x 3 sq. metres
  • X-ray room of 4 x 3 sq. metres with walls of adequate thickness and lined with lead or barium plaster
  • Dark room and light trap entrance
  • Room for sorting and filing of 4 x 3 sq. metres

PART C: Equipment

All the equipment must be comprehensive, basic, functional and relevant to the services provided by the centre and in conformity with international regulations for the use of ionizing radiation.

  • Ultra Sound Scan machine
  • X-ray machine and accessories (preferably digital)
  • X-ray film processing equipment
  • X-Ray Couch
  • Other accessory equipment
  • Protective gadgets for staff and patients e.g.
  • lead rubber aprons
  • lead gloves and
  • goggles
  • Mobile Screen, etc.
  • Provision for continuous monitoring of personnel and site exposure to radiation e.g. Geiger counter.
  • Any other equipment/Instrument relevant to the practice

PART D: Staff Complement

  • A Radiographer/Sonographer registered and licensed with the Radiographers Board of Nigeria
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist registered and licensed with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.
  • Medical Laboratory Technician/Assistant (and not a Science Laboratory Scientist or Technologist please) registered and licensed with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.
  • X-Ray Technician/Dark room technician duly licensed
  • Other staff (both domestic and administrative) to complement the services of the Centre.

PART E: Hand Washing Facilities

Proper hand washing facilities must be available in all sections of the facility to facilitate frequent hand washing by the staff and patients.

Facilities to provide are:

  • Wash hand basin with running water
  • Liquid antiseptic soap in dispensing bottle with plunger
  • Disposable Serviettes
  • Liquid hand sanitizers
  • Hand dryers (optional)
  • Pedal bins
  • Handwashing poster

PART F:  Medical Waste Management

  • Registration with LAWMA Medical waste management is compulsory
  • Use of appropriate waste bins with cover in all sections of the facility
  • Use of appropriate colour coded bags for all medical waste disposal i.e.
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Black
  • Use of safety boxes for all sharps
  • Creation of an appropriate final waste collection point for all facility’s waste

PART G:  Public health facilities

These facilities include:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Adequate illumination
  • Clean and adequate Water Supply
    • pipe borne water
    • treated borehole
  • Washable floors preferable tiled
  • Covered and appropriate waste bins
  • Toilet facilities (W.C.) exclusive to the clinic.
  • Fire extinguisher and other safety gadgets with valid service records attached.

PART H: Power Supply

  • PHCN
  • Standby Generators
  • Inverter (Optional)