Definition:The provision of health care services by Ambulatory facility. Medical care is usually provided on outpatient basis.

  • Sea: e.g. Boat to deliver Primary Health Care Services to Riverine Rural Areas.

  • Land: Motor Vehicle to the motorable areas of the State.


PART A: Minimum Basic Facilities: as in Schedule 4B

  • Reception /Consulting area with sitting facilities, registration table and record keeping facilities, examination couch, equipment for physical examination, wash hand basin and towels.
  • Instrument Cabinet, Drug Cabinet.
  • Facilities for Basic diagnostic Investigation for routine urine, blood and stool tests (optional).
  • Public health facilities shall include – Adequate Ventilation, Adequate illumination, Clean and Adequate Water Supply, Adequate arrangement for refuse collection and disposals.
  • Fire extinguisher.

PART B: Minimum Staff Complement

  • One Medical Practitioner registered to practice in Nigeria must be in charge.
  • One registered Nurse/Midwife registered to practice in Nigeria.
  • One Clinic Assistant/Attendant.

PART C: Hours of Consultation

To be clearly stated on the mobile facility for information to the public and the Authority.