Definition: Premises with facilities for mortuary services with or without postmortem examinations. Such premises may be composite or be a unit in a hospital.


PART A: Minimum Basic Facilities:

  • Waiting/Reception Room of 4x3m with adequate sitting facilities.
  • Records Facilities (must be adequate).
  • Toilet Facilities.
  • Staff Room.
  • Cooling (Body) Chambers.
  • Autopsy Room (optional) required only if post-mortem examinations would be carried out.
  • Embalming Room.

PART B: Equipment (Minimum):

  • Trolley x 2.
  • Suction Machine x 1.
  • Embalming Table x 2 (connected directly to the septic tank).
  • Embalming Machines (attached directly to the table).
  • Refrigerated Body Units x 24.
  • Formalin Tank (optional).

PART C: Sanitation

  • Adequate water supply either pipe borne/borehole water tank.
  • Walls must be well tiled from top to bottom.
  • The floor must be washable and tiled preferably with vitreous tiles.
  • Adequate Drainage.
  • Adequate Ventilation.
  • Adequate Illumination.
  • Alternative Source of Electricity (Generating Set).
  • Adequate Waste Disposal.

PART D: Minimum Staff Complement

  • Pathologist may be part-time/optional, if there would be
  • post-mortem services.
  • Three Pathology Assistants/Embalmers.
  • Aides /Cleaners.
  • Receptionist/Clerk.