Definition: Premises for Nursing Services and Management of Convalescent Patients.


PART A: Minimum requirements

  • Waiting/Reception Area 4 x 3 metres with:
    • Sitting facilities
    • Registration Table
    • Record keeping facilities (preferably digital).
  • Consulting Room of 4 x 3 metres with:
    • Examination couch for physical examination
    • Proper hand washing facilities with disposable serviettes (in all sections of the facility)
    • Appropriate medical waste management.
  • Treatment Room of 4 x 3 metres with the following in place:
    • Basic equipment for Physiotherapy treatment and procedures
    • Proper hand washing facilities
    • Appropriate medical waste management.
  • Sanitary and toilet facilities exclusive to the facility.
  • Proper hand washing techniques in all sections of the facility.
  • Fire Extinguisher with valid service records.

PART B: Equipment

  • Shall be comprehensive to provide basic functional requirements such as:
  • wax-baths
  • ultraviolet and infrared lamps
  • Gymnasium with equipment for professional use as well as proper hand washing facilities.

PART C: Medical Waste Management

  • Registration with LAWMA Medical waste management is compulsory
  • Use of appropriate waste bins with cover in all sections of the facility
  • Use of appropriate colour coded bags for all medical waste disposal i.e.
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Black
  • Availability of an appropriate final waste collection point for all facility’s waste

PART D: Public Health Facilities

Public Health requirements shall include:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Adequate illumination
  • Adequate drainage
  • Clean and adequate Water Supply
    • Pipe borne water
    • Treated borehole
    • Tank water
  • Adequate toilet facilities exclusive to the centre.

PART E: Staff Complement

  • One registered nurse in-charge with minimum of 5 years working experience.
  • One staff nurse per 10 in-patient bed per shift
  • At least, one medical record staff
  • Registered Pharmacy Technician where there is dispensing
  • One medical practitioner to be available in case there is an emergency

Business hours shall be clearly displayed on the premises for public information