Definition: A centre for rehabilitation of muscular and skeletal disorders.


PART A: Minimum requirements

  1. Waiting/Reception Area 4 x 3 metres with:
    • Sitting facilities
    • Registration Table
    • Record keeping facilities (preferably digital).
  1. Consulting Room of 4 x 3 metres with:
    • Examination couch for physical examination
    • Proper hand washing facilities with disposable serviettes (in all sections of the facility)
    • Appropriate medical waste management.
  1. Treatment Room of 4 x 3 metres with the following in place:
    • Basic equipment for Physiotherapy treatment and procedures
    • Proper hand washing facilities
    • Appropriate medical waste management.
  1. Sanitary and toilet facilities exclusive to the facility.
  2. Proper hand washing techniques in all sections of the facility.
  3. Fire Extinguisher with valid service records.

PART B: Equipment

  • Shall be comprehensive to provide basic functional requirements such as:
  • wax-baths
  • ultraviolet and infrared lamps
  • Gymnasium with equipment for professional use as well as proper hand washing facilities.

PART C: Medical Waste Management

  • Registration with LAWMA Medical waste management is compulsory
  • Use of appropriate waste bins with cover in all sections of the facility
  • Use of appropriate colour coded bags for all medical waste disposal i.e.
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Black
  • Availability of an appropriate final waste collection point for all facility’s waste

PART D: Public Health Facilities

Public Health requirements shall include:

  • Adequate ventilation
  • Adequate illumination
  • Adequate drainage
  • Clean and adequate Water Supply
    • Pipe borne water
    • Treated borehole
    • Tank water
  • Adequate toilet facilities
  • C. exclusive to the centre.

PART E: Staff Complement

  • A qualified Physiotherapist registered with appropriate professional body.
  • One Physiotherapy Assistant (optional)
  • One Clinic Assistant/Attendant (optional)
  • Clerk/Receptionist
  • Any other cadre of staff as needed by the facility.

Business hours shall be clearly displayed on the premises for public information