DEFINITIONS: The health facility under the control and supervision of the Local Government Health Authority. It is really a primary health care centre, but this definition shall include other categories of health facilities owned by the same Authority


PART A: Primary Health Care Services

Primary Health Care Facility Services to be rendered at the PHC Clinic:

  • Maternal and Child Health;
  • Adolescent Health;
  • Men Health;
  • Care of the Elderly;
  • Life Saving Services including minor operations;
  • Treatment of minor ailments (e.g. malaria);
  • Oral Health;
  • Mental Health;
  • Voluntary Counseling and Screening;
  • Family Planning;
  • Immunization;
  • Drug dispensing including Drug Revolving Funds;
  • Environmental Health Services and Food Control;
  • Nutrition Education and Micronutrient Supplementation;
  • Registration of Births and Deaths;
  • Health Education;
  • Referral System;
  • Community Development Activities.

NOTE: Hours of Service: Mostly 8hrs / day for 5 working days in a week, except few with the capacity for 24/7.

PART B: Basic Requirements

Minimum Staff Complement needed for 24/7 Clinics rendering midwifery services.

  • 1 Visiting Doctor.
  • 1 Community Health Officer i/c and/or most senior nurse.
  • 4 Staff Nurses/Midwives.
  • 4 Community Health Environmental Workers.
  • 4 Environmental Health Officers.
  • 1 Pharmacy Technician.
  • 3 Ward Maids.

PART C: Minimum Staff ComplementMinimum Staff Complement needed for 8hrs/day:

  • 1 Visiting Doctor.
  • 1 CHO i/c.
  • 2 Staff Nurses/Midwives.
  • 2 CHEW’S.
  • 2 Environmental Health Officers.
  • 1 Pharmacy Technician.
  • 2 Ward Maids.

PART D: Support Staff

  • Security.
  • Gardener.
  • Driver, where there is an Ambulance.
  • Gardener.
  • Security

PART E: Minimum Basic Facility

  • Waiting/Reception Area 4x3m, with sitting facilities, registration table and record keeping facilities.
  • Consulting Room of 4x3m with examination couch, wash hand basin and towels.
  • Treatment Room with Drug Cupboard and Instrument Cabinet.
  • Observation Room(s) with beds and a minimum distance of 1×3 meters between 2 beds 9 for clinic rendering 8hrs a day service).
  • Wards (optional) with locker and over-bed table for each ward 9 Separate for male and female patients). In facilities rendering 24/7 services.
  • Toilet Facilities: 1 water closet per 8 beds (Separate for Male and Female).
  • Bathroom Facilities: 1 bath per 8 beds (Separate for Male and Female Patients).
  • Public Health Facilities shall include – Adequate Ventilation, Adequate Illumination, Clean and Adequate Water Supply/Pipe Borne/Borehole.
  • Adequate arrangement for refuse collection and disposal and upkeep of premises.
  • Fire Extinguisher.