Definition: A centre where radiation is used in diagnosis and treatment.


PART A: Minimum requirements

  • Waiting/Reception
  • Office of 2sq.metres, record keeping and storage facilities.
  • Consulting Room of 12 sq. metres.
  • X-ray Room of 12 sq.metres with walls of adequate thickness and lined with lead of barium plaster.
  • Dark Room and Light Trap Entrance.
  • X-ray Room of 12 sq. metres with walls with 9 inch thick of and lined with lead of 5mm thickness.
  • Dark Room and Light Trap Entrance.
  • Sorting and Filling Room of 12sq. metres.

PART B: Equipments

Must meet internationally recommended standards and be adequate.

  • X-ray Machine and Accessories;
  • X-ray Film Processing Equipment;
  • Other Accessory Equipment, e.g. Lead Rubber Aprons and Gloves Equipment, Provision for continuous personnel radiation exposure monitoring and site exposure monitoring, e.g. Geiger Counter.

PART C: Public Health Facilities

Public Health Requirements shall include:

  • Staff Room;
  • Adequate Water Supply – Pipe Borne/Treated Borehole Tanker Services;
  • Adequate Ventilation;
  • Adequate Illumination;
  • Toilet Facilities;
  • Adequate arrangement shall be made for safe disposal of waste and radioactive materials;
  • Staff shall be provided with protective clothing and radiation counter shield.
  • Fire Extinguisher, Muster Point, Valid Fire Safety Certificate

PART D: Staff Complement

  • At least a Radiologist registered to practice in Nigeria shall be in attendance in whose name the premise is registered.
  • A Radiographer registered to practice in Nigeria.
  • Dark Room Technicians.
  • Receptionist/Clerk.

NOTE: Business hours shall be clearly displayed in the premises.